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The Laboratory of Liquid Crystals at the Institute of Solid State Physics (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) includes a staff of four members. The main research topics of the Laboratory are: theoretical and experimental investigations of thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals; flexoelectricity; experiment, theory and modeling in biophysics - model lipid membranes (giant vesicles and microemulsion droplets), polymersomes, lipid-protein interactions, etc. The scientists of the Laboratory of Liquid Crystals maintain fruitful collaborations with foreign scientific organisations in the framework of several scientific contracts. The Laboratory took part of a French-Bulgarian Laboratory "without walls", called "Vesicles and Membranes", and  funded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, University of Sofia and C.N.R.S. (France).

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Marin D. Mitov Tribute - 2011                                Marin D.Mitov Tribute - 2013              


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